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A bit about GCustom

Quality is our primary concern, all of our work is custom order we don’t churn out second-rate work for inferior products or services. We have over ten years of experience in the industry. We custom paint all our products using special paints and techniques and minimize noise because fan noise should not drown out the sound of your thoughts.

“Customers and Quality before all else”
"No Limits"

Kacey Green
(352) 219 7872

Real Custom Computers

Why do you say Real Custom Computers?
We say Real Custom Computers because many of the major computer manufacturers have diluted the meaning of custom, when they say custom they really mean la carte. Picking from a short list of components is not custom. Are you getting a cheap throwaway computer, or precision tool for work or play?  Being able to choose only one brand of processor isn’t either. When you come to GCustom for a custom computer, you tell us what you want it to be able to do, and any other criteria you demand for your application. (ex. “it must have a hard drive made by Maxtor” or “whatever you do don’t put Maxtor in it”) Then we get back to you shortly with a truly customized solution.

We also stand by our work for life.  You want to keep your GCustom PC five or more years with upgrades?  Go ahead, let us know you want to upgrade your current rig and we’ll come up with the best upgrade solution for your needs and desires, we’ll then come pick up your rig and the solution will be implemented by one our senior techs and double-checked, an executive will then triple-check and recertify your GCustom.  Once we recertify your computer, we make another set of recovery media and a full backup, which will placed in your documentation portfolio, and we’ll then re-deliver your GCustom computer.  We will go through the delivery process as if it were a brand-new computer; because to us it is a new computer, all of our customers get the best, no limits.  All GCustom customers get the white glove and silver platter treatment.



For more information contact us by email at sales (A T) GCustom.com



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